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LTO Rogla – Zreče, GIZ is a local tourist organisation for stimulating tourism at the local level and at the level of the Rogla – Pohorje tourist destination. It is an organisation that develops and uses all modern methods, tools and activities for global marketing of the tourist offer of the Rogla tourist destination and takes care of successful operations and development of tourism and tourism-related activities in the Municipality of Zreče.

The role of the local tourist organisation is to connect providers of tourist services, the public sector, tourist associations and other tourism-related services as well as to encourage and coordinate their activities in the fields of:

  • development projects,
  • developing and organising an information system,
  • designing, promoting and marketing an integrated tourist offer,
  • coordinating and organising events,
  • maintaining and constructing the public tourist infrastructure.

Within the LTO, there is also the Zreče Tourist Information Centre, which provides daily visitors and guests with information on the tourist offer in the Zreče Municipality and forwards information on lodging capacities at the Rogla – Pohorje destination. It represents the Municipality of Zreče and the Rogla – Pohorje destination at numerous fairs and expositions, both domestic and abroad, as well as cooperates with local societies, publishes a monthly event calendar for the Zreče municipality and helps with organising and coordinating local events. It also coordinates the cooperation between Zreče and its twin town of Sedbergh in England, with which Zreče has been twinned since 2005.


LTO Rogla - Zreče, GIZ
Cesta na Roglo 11j
3214 Zreče, SLO

Tel: + 386 (0) 3 759 04 70
E-mail: tic.zrece.lto@siol.net

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LTO Rogla - Zreče, GIZ
Cesta na Roglo 11j, 3214 Zreče, SLO, Tel: + 386 (0) 3 759 04 70, E-mail: tic.zrece.lto@siol.net
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