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Anica was born on 3 April 1900 in Čadram and comes from the teacher family of Ludvik Černej. Her father was a culture worker, an educator and a composer of school books: A Reader for Second Class, the Third Reader. He was a writer and poet for youth as well as a beekeeping expert. Anica Černej received the highest grade for her degree in pedagogy with pedology, in psychology and in philosophy in Zagreb. She taught in Griže, Celje, Ormož and Maribor. After receiving her degree in 1930, she taught at the national school for teachers in Ljubljana and later also at the college of education there. She was a progressive and conscious Slovenian and a member of the Liberation Front. In 1943, she was arrested and sent to the German camp in Ravensbrueck, where on 3 May 1944 she died due to exhaustion from hard labour.

Anica Černej was a youth poet just like her father. Her poems are personal, confessional, social, patriotic and for children: the Metuljčki (“Butterflies”) collection, Za vesele in žalostne čase, Kapljice, Sredi domovine. In 1975, Prof. Erna Muser (fellow sufferer in the German camp) collected and organised the Moje poti (“My Paths”) collection by Anica Černej, which was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of liberation.

The elementary school in Makole and the pioneer section in Celje carry her name. Memorial inscriptions in gold are placed in her honour in the lobby of the Secondary School of Education in Ljubljana and in the elementary school in Oplotnica.

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