Freudenberg Castle in Zreče

The castle was built on a steep ridge of the Brinjeva Gora hill at 588m above sea level, north-east of the Pilgrim Church of the Mother Mary of God and above the Podgrašek farm. The name of this farm (“Undercastle”) led the Zreče parish priest Matija Karba to rightfully conclude that a castle once stood here that was in decay since the 15th century and in the 20th century...
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Jamnik (Holenstein) Castle

Its precise location is unknown and it is not entirely clear whether it even existed, but it is mentioned in written sources in 1342, when Henrique Tanner built the chapel of St. Pancratius under the Jamnik fortress and attained benefits and a permanent priest from the Patriarch of Aquileia. Thus it is assumed that Tanner is also the one that had the castle built. It stood close to an...
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Lušperk (Luschberg) Castle in Zreče

This castle lies on a steep hill (607m above sea level) at the confluence of the Dravinja and Ljubnica Rivers in Loška Gora and has a spectacular view of the Dravinja valley and Zreče. Its precise location prevented it from becoming more important later on. It stood on the property of a Krško land complex, which Hema Breško-Seliška donated to Benedictine nuns in...
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Mansion in Oplotnica

The Žice mansion was built between 1621 and 1631 by Carthusians from Žice, who dominated the area for 600 years. The mansion was their important economic centre. Its chambers were once lavishly decorated and equipped. A niche on the eastern exterior of the chapel holds a quality baroque sculpture of St. John the Baptist, which is believed to have been brought from the Charterhouse Žice...
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Novi Grad Castle in Vitanje

Locals also call the Novi Grad (“New Castle”) Gornji Grad (“Upper Castle”) or Krajnikov Grad (“Krajnik’s Castle”). The latter was given because of the name of a nearby homestead. In the last quarter of the 13th century during the early Gothic period, Novi Grad was built south of the settlement on the right bank of Hudinja. It was first...
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Stari Grad at Konjiška Gora

Stari Grad (“Old Castle”) is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Its first proprietors were the Lords of Konjice in the middle of the 12th century, and in 1597, it came into the hands of the Tattenbach family, which had characterised the history of the Konjice Castle and its surroundings for nearly a hundred years. When Prince Windischgraetz became the proprietor of the...
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Stari Grad Castle in Vitanje

Locals also call Stari Grad (“Old Castle”) Spodnji Grad (“Lower Castle”) or Goležev Grad (“Golež’s Castle”). The latter was given because of the name of a nearby homestead. The steep hill on the left bank of Hudinja at the gorge entrance was once occupied by a mighty stone castle that is believed to have been built by the bishops of...
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Trebnik Manor – Herbal Gallery

The mansion under the castle in Konjice, which belongs to the Trebnik manor, is first mentioned in very old sources. It had already been mentioned in 1362. In 1395, Neža von Freudenberg from Zreče gave her husband Henrik Auer this manor as a dowry. Since 1412, the Ahac-Trebniški family and their successors are named after the manor. The newer land registers do not clearly show...
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