In the embrace of the mighty peaks of Pohorje, where the Dravinja River settles down and connects this world with the Dravinjska hills, lies Zreče, a young Slovenian town inspired by a successful economy and the development of tourist activities, most notably the sports centre and climatic health resort at Rogla and the Terme Zreče thermal spa.

At sunrise, the majestic Pohorje reveals itself, and along the Dravinja River, the gates open to Slovenske Konjice, a 1000-year-old market town. This peaceful rural town is the centre of the Dravinja Valley, which spreads its carefully cultivated fields and wine-bearing hills towards Boč, Ptujska Gora, the Haloze hills and onto the open spaces of Dravsko polje.

The distinctively rural town of Oplotnica prides itself on hidden natural treasures, one of them being the unique tonalite from Pohorje. Near Cezlak, we find the only deposits in the world of green granite, also called chislakite, which is one of the most beautiful natural rocks in Slovenia.

Vitanje lies under the southern outskirts of Pohorje. The municipal centre prides itself on an old market-town centre with condensed buildings, the most noticeable of which, those with interesting architecture, are under monument protection and speak of a venerable history. Historic sources first mention the market town in 1306; therefore, in 2006 Vitanje celebrated the honourable 700 years of market-town rights.

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