Educational paths

Dwarf´s educational path

Curious Rogla visitors will most definitely decide to follow a Dwarf's educational trail towards Jurgovo and learn about the vast wealth and variety of nature. LENGHT: 4 km DIFFICULTY: easy circle path ROUTE: Hotel Planja - Hut Jurgovo - Viewing Tower Rogla (1517 m) -...
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Heart´s educational path

Heart's educational trail was arranged in 2012 and connects elements from the natural and cultural heritage of Zreče. The trail runs in a circle and is 10.1 km in length. One can enter and exit the trail at any point. The trail consists of 13 stations equipped with...
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The educational path Oplotnica gorge

The Oplotnica gorge has been arranged for the purpose of preserving the natural environment along the Oplotnica stream, which was very important for the local population in the past, since it presented an important source of income. At one point in the past, over 30 saws and mills stood along...
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The Little Dragon’s Forest Educational Path

The path curves along the foot of the Konjiška Mountain, above the town of Slovenske Konjice. It captures a view of the Dravinja Valley with the Pohorje forests in the background, and upon entering the forest, we are overwhelmed by the rich plant and animal life. It leads us above the...
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The Petelinjek Nature Educational Path

In mid-September 2007, the Petelinjek Nature Educational Path officially opened. This nature educational path is intended primarily for elementary and secondary level students, who actively participate at 13 thematic posts and get acquainted with life in ponds, swamps, soggy meadows, alder...
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The Prežigal Water Educational Path

The Prežigal Water Educational Path is an outdoor classroom, a field laboratory for various target groups and a test track for researchers. Visitors get to know various water sources, their use in the past and their potential for the future. The folded leaflet
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Water-themed educational path

The Zreče water-themed educational path connects elements of natural and cultural heritage and reawakens the town’s heritage through a portrayal of past activities linked with the present. The Zreče water-themed educational path connects the restored well at the railway station, old...
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