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FAJN centre Rogla encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. We wish to provide our users with a wholesome process for preserving and strengthening their physical, mental and spiritual health, which you attain through conscious effort in the fields of physical exercise, healthy diet, mental activity and personal relaxation in harmony with others and with nature

In this respect, we organise various activities and events in nature that are appropriate for families, seniors and nature lovers as well as for adventurists and adrenaline junkies.

We will help you with your outdoor exercise with useful information, with optional sport drinks and food and by loaning orientation devices, pulse meters, clothing, shoes, backpacks and hiking poles, etc.

We will diversify your adventure experience with guidance on proper diet and physical activities, which you will perform along with selected trainers from the Sport&Adventure club

Together we will get to know areas famous for their hospitality and excellent home cooking. Along the path, we will be accompanied by undisturbed nature and the remainders of a distant and rich past.

We offer our guests an original way to get to know Pohorje and a professional way to get acquainted with a healthy lifestyle, with which you will be able to overcome the ever increasing everyday stressors with greater ease.

Our care for your relaxation and your harmony of culinary delights and outdoor activities is a guarantee that our adventures will continue and that you will return again to Rogla as our friend.

Fajn centre Rogla is located at the Hotel below Rogla, Boharina 2, 3214 Zreče.

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