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“Black Kitchen” near St. Barbara Church

The renewed sexton house is to be found near the St. Barbara Church. Once sextons resided there, but today it houses an ethnological museum. It was built in the 16th century, which we may assume from the “black kitchen” and the fact that there was still no construction date inscribed in the wooden beam in the “hijša”. As is typical for houses of the time, it...
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The "100 Frankolovo Victims" Museum was established in honour of an event from World War II, when 100 Slovenian patriots were hung in Graben na Stranicah. The cruel crime against Slovenian patriots, committed on February 12th 1945 in Graben na Stranicah, is considered to be one of the worst Nazi crimes of World War II. The hanging was executed to avenge the death of a...
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Beškovnik’s Granary

Beškovnik’s granary is part of a homestead in the Šentvid settlement, some 7 km from Vitanje, on the slope of a hill with the picturesque Church of St. Vid. A roman cemetery also lies nearby with a catholic shrine under it. The early 19th century homestead consists of a plastered wooden house, a farmer’s retirement home, an outhouse and a granary, which is made of...
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Brinjeva gora is one of the oldest high-altitude settlements. It existed as far back as the early Stone Age and outlived many lower lying settlements. Archaeological excavations in the 1960's discovered numerous antique findings, which indicate that a vibrant community was present here three to five thousand years BC. An exhibition of the Brinjeva gora excavations is currently held in...
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Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley

The foundation of the Firefighting Museum of the Dravinja Valley dates back to 2000, and its public presentation was in April 2001. The Dravinja valley and Slovenske Konjice thus gained a new opportunity to discover the past and the wider Slovenian public gained a substantial contribution to the preservation of national heritage. At the moment, the museum exhibits ten special and two...
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The Zreče Railway Station is the only remaining railway station of the Poljčane – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče narrow gauge railway track. At the station, a train including a locomotive, a passenger car, and two freight cars is displayed. The Poljčane – Slovenske Konjice narrow gauge railway track was opened in 1892 and extended to Zreče in 1921. It was built to connect...
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The Ošlak Forge is one of the few remaining forges in the Zreče area which still employs traditional methods. According to written sources, it was established around 1770. Another important landmark in the development of this forge is the year 1789, when the building took its current shape (this is the year that is inscribed above the entrance). The Ošlak Forge is located...
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Private Museum Collection of Military Objects from the Austro-Hungarian Period

In Stari Trg (“Old Square”) in Slovenske Konjice, directly next to the church, resides a private museum collection of military objects from the Austro-Hungarian period. It displays swords, helmets, medals, postcards, photographs, diggings from the Soča front and many other military, patriotic and religious objects that take us back to the time when our grandfathers fought for...
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Riemer Town Gallery

The restored town house in the heart of the old town centre in Slovenske Konjice houses the Reimer Town Gallery. It hosts a permanent exhibition of Franc Reimer, a local entrepreneur, and the Museum of Konjice. The permanent exhibition presents paintings from the early Renaissance to today. Two hundred square meters hold over seventy paintings (still life, landscapes, and portraits) by...
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The house from 1803 is considered to be one of the most important sites of cultural heritage in the southern parts of Pohorje and the Dravinja Valley. It was built in a transitional design between the late medieval smokehouse and a more advanced house with a black kitchen. It is located in the village of Skomarje, which is among the highest Slovenian villages in which farming is still...
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The Šrekl – Zajc Blacksmith's Forge was established when Ivan Šrekl's small workshop joined forces with Ignac Zajc's blacksmith's forge. In 2007, Ignac Zajc Junior organized the deconstruction of machinery and tools from the Šrekl blacksmith's forge and transported them to his blacksmith's forge in Dobrovlje, where master blacksmith Ignac...
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The Vodovnik Collection sheds light on the culture of living from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, and the religious-education activities of the village. The collection is housed at the St. Lambert Church in Skomarje. Skomarje was the birthplace of Jurij Vodovnik, folk singer and actor, who lived at the same time as France Prešeren and Anton Martin...
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