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Chislakite Deposits

In Cezlak above Oplotnica, there is magmatic rock and plutonic rock called tonalite, which is mined in the local quarry. Just next to the quarry, we find Chislakite (green plutonic rock), the only deposit of which is here in Cezlak. Chislakite is a somewhat less durable rock than tonalite and deposits of better quality have not been found. It is a magmatic rock from pale green augite, dark...
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Dravinja River

The Dravinja River is the largest affluent of the Drava River in Slovenia. Its spring is south of Rogla, on Pohorje, at around 1200m above sea level. It is one of many springs, but all are located under Rogla at around 1150m above sea level. It flows in a south-eastern direction until it reaches the Loče settlement, where it shifts towards the north-east. It flows into the Drava some 8km...
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Koprivnica Stream

The Koprivnica stream is one of Dravinja’s right affluent streams. In the north, it flows over older Pliocene layers, and in the south, it cuts into the 20m-high terrace of the Dravinja River. In the past, the stream had moderately high water levels, and mills were placed next to it. Near the Zreče Lake, there was the Kovšetov (Kropejev) mill. The stream was also used for fish...
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Lovrenc Lakes

The Lovrenc Lakes are the most interesting amongst the lakes found at the kilometre long and 300m wide Lovrenc moor, which some also call the Lovrenc Lakes. This moor consists of two areas separated only by a narrow strip of spruces. Each includes 10 peat-lakes, the windows of the moor. The lakes cover 16 ha between Planinka (1392m asl.) and Mulej’s Peak (1533m asl.) in the upper area...
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The Pohorje area, with its diverse plant and animal life, represents one of Slovenia’s natural pearls. This is also confirmed by Pohorje’s placement into the Natura 2000 network of special European nature protection areas of great ecological importance for preserving and attaining a favourable state of habitat types and species. They are determined in accordance with Habitats...
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Oplotnica Gorge

The Oplotnica gorge has been arranged for the purpose of preserving the natural environment along the Oplotnica stream, which was very important for the local population in the past, since it presented an important source of income. At one point in the past, over 30 saws and mills stood along the stream. The area surrounding the stream is rich with plant species and the path also enables...
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Wine-Growing Area of Škalce

Hills rise above the plains along the Dravinja River, above the carefully cultivated fields and meadows and also the forests. The word hill means something more at the Konjice area. A hill represents kindness, the sun, the vine, tradition and life. A walk along the wine route becomes unforgettable in all seasons, all weather. These golden hills are a natural park, a gallery of wonderful...
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Zreče Lake

The Zreče Lake was created in 2000 in the valley of the Koprivnica stream for the purpose of broadening the tourist offer of the area. The larger lower part of the lake measures 700m in length and covers 13,500m2 of surface, while the upper part is overgrown and intended for spawning. It is also smaller, 300m long, and covering 2,500 m2. The total volume of the lake is 65,000 cubic meters...
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