The distinctively rural town of Oplotnica prides itself on hidden natural treasures, one of them being the unique tonalite from Pohorje. Near Cezlak, we find the only deposits in the world of green granite, also called chislakite, which is one of the most beautiful natural rocks in Slovenia.

Oplotnica lies in the north-eastern part of Slovenia and covers the picturesque region in the south-eastern slopes of Pohorje at an altitude of 320m to 679m above sea level. The municipality also includes 21 settlements (Božje, Brezje, Čadram, Dobriška Vas, Dobrova, Gorica, Koritno, Kovaški Vrh, Lačna Gora, Malahorna, Markečica, Okoška Gora, Oplotnica, Pobrež, Prihova, Raskovec, Straža, Ugovec, Zg. Grušovje, Zlogona Gora and Zlogona Vas) that form landscape characteristics and the image of the land.

In the valley, the most developed activities are agriculture and viticulture, while livestock farming and forestry are more present on the slopes of Lačna Gora, Fošt, Gorica and Okoška Gora, which slowly climb towards Pohorje. Since it is rich in water resources, the area once had many water-powered mills, the residues of which can still be seen today.

The latest archaeological research reveals that man first came to the territory of today's Municipality of Oplotnica in the third millennium BC. Evidences of a settlement from roman times still remain, as 2000 years ago this area was an important intersection where all traffic and trade flowed from Italy through Noricum into Pannonia to the east and back. The fact that many Roman routes crossed the area reveals a lot. In Roman times, an inn stood in the Village of Čadram (Ragando). Statues of the pagan gods Jupiter and Mithra were discovered here as well as a pagan temple in the former “White Town” – the former Roman settlement. Even today, people speak of the fact that the “White Town” used to spread from Straža to Malahorna and later sank.

In modern history, Oplotnica is first mentioned as an economic centre of the area in 1182. Until 1782, it belonged to the Charterhouse Žiče. Only in the 19th century did woodcraft, trade and the quarry in nearby Cezlak lead the village into becoming a larger rural settlement, which today qualifies as a densely populated area. In the highest part of the municipality, one finds magmatic rock and plutonic rock called tonalite, which is quarried in Cezlak above Oplotnica. Just next to the quarry, we find Chislakite (the green plutonic rock), the only deposit of which is in Cezlaku pri Oplotnici. Chislakite is a somewhat less durable rock than tonalite and deposits of better quality have not been found.

In the centre of Oplotnica, you may see Graščino and a park with an old laundry right next to it. Other very interesting sights are črna kuhinja pri cerkvi sv. Barbare, Romarska cerkev sv. Matere Božje na Prihovi, cerkev sv. Janeza Krstnika v Čadramu and cerkev sv. Miklavža.

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