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The Ošlak Forge is one of the few remaining forges in the Zreče area which still employs traditional methods. According to written sources, it was established around 1770. Another important landmark in the development of this forge is the year 1789, when the building took its current shape (this is the year that is inscribed above the entrance).
The Ošlak Forge is located three kilometres from Zreče, in the heart of Pohorje. It contains an old residential house, outhouse, forge, saw with a joiner's workshop, wooden shed and a new residential house.

The forge is powered by two water wheels. It is located in the central room of the building, while the smaller room is used as a storage room for materials and products. It includes several interesting water powered devices, such as the water powered air pump, the piston air pump, the "repač" (a special hammer), and a rich collection of homemade farming tools used in that time.

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