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Buci’s Mill

Buci’s mill from 1914 lies in the southern part of the Dobrava settlement, next to the Mlinščica stream. Dravinja and its affluent streams from Pohorje have relatively stable water levels. This favourable characteristic has long been used by men. They placed mills, saws, forges and water wheels next to streams. Buci’s mill is built as a 2-storey solid construction...
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The Zreče Forma Viva began to take shape between 1973 and 1975. Several meetings at which new pieces were produced were held in the following years, and the collection was growing until 1989. It is a result of cooperation between the artist Vasilij Četković and Marjan Osole, who was the managing director of Unior at that time. The blacksmith tradition of the area is directly connected with...
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Park with an Old Laundry

The park is located in the centre of Oplotnica and was created in 1924 on the property of nobleman Windischgraetz. The park contained a laundry with a shed and the Wood Wool Factory. Plans for the laundry were prepared by the Austrian mayor Karber during the Second World War. Thus they built a shed that was equipped with chairs and tables; the laundry was an important gathering place in...
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Petelinek’s Mill - Radana Village

The mill’s initial location used to be on the right bank of the Dravinja. Frequent flooding of this area led to river regulation and the mill had lost its place. Later, in 1924, they built a new mill on the left bank, where it still stands today. A well preserved water wheel from the era is restored and exhibited. In the past, the mill was entirely constructed by using materials that...
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The Village of Rakovec used to be the economic and educational centre of the southern rural area of Pohorje. It lies in a small gorge at 1000m above sea level and only a stone’s throw away from the Rogla ski resort. It is surrounded by exemplary forests and treasured for its extremely beneficial location, climate and mood, which is also recognised and experienced by visitors and...
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Slovenske Konjice Town Centre

The town centre of Slovenske Konjice is divided between the new and the old town centre. The new town centre, called MESTNI TRG (“Town Square”), is first mentioned at the beginning of the 20th century, and the old part of town, the STARI TRG (“Old Square”), in 1146. In Mestni Trg, there is a modern monument entitled “Two Birds with a Broken Wing” by...
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