Renowned individuals

Anica Černej

Anica was born on 3 April 1900 in Čadram and comes from the teacher family of Ludvik Černej. Her father was a culture worker, an educator and a composer of school books: A Reader for Second Class, the Third Reader. He was a writer and poet for youth as well as a beekeeping expert. Anica Černej received the highest grade for her degree in pedagogy with pedology, in psychology and in...
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Branko Rudolf

Branko Rudolf , Slovenian essayist, philosopher, critic, pedagogue, poet and writer, was born in Slovenske Konjice on 31 October 1904. Most of Rudolf’s poems, essays and critiques were published in the post-war period. He published work in the Ljubljanski zvon, Mladi Prekmurec, Modra ptica, Obzorja and Sodobnost publications. As an essayist, cultural and literary historian and...
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Herman Potočnik Noordung

Herman Potočnik made a significant contribution to rocket technology. In 1929, he published a book titled The Problem of Space Travel in German under the pseudonym Noordung and in 1986, a Slovenian version was made. The designer of space rocket missiles and the first director of the NASA Centre, Wernher von Braun, stated that this book was a turning point in space rocket technology. The...
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Ivan Minatti

Ivan Minatti was born in Slovenske Konjice. At the age of five, he and his family moved to Slovenj Gradec and later, when he was ten, to Ljubljana. In 1943, he graduated at the general upper secondary school in Ljubljana. During the war, he joined the partisans and was part of NOB (“National Liberation Struggle”) until 1944. He was his company’s political commissar in the...
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Jurij “Jure” Zdovc

Jurij “Jure” Zdovc is one of the most successful Slovenian and European basketball players. He spent his youth and childhood in Slovenske Konjice, where he still likes to return today. In his career, he played for various domestic and foreign clubs and with them won trophies at the national and international levels. Most of all, he belongs to the Yugoslav generation that...
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Jurij Vodovnik

Jurij Vodovnik was born at Skomarje and was a folk singer and actor, a contemporary of France Prešeren and Anton Martin Slomšek. By profession he was a linen weaver, but more than linen, he weaved (wrote) his own songs, for he knew how to read and write. His restless spirit led him across Pohorje and the Dravinja Valley, most of the time carrying a bottomless basket on his...
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