Sacral objects

Charterhouse Žiče

Through the Village of Žiče and then the valley of the Holy John the Baptist, the path leads us to the mysterious Charterhouse Žiče. In this remote and narrow valley, the former owner of this estate, the Margrave of Styria Ottokar III, in around 1155, set out to establish a residence for monks from the Great Charterhouse in France. They arrived in 1160 and began building most of the...
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The church at Rogla (altitude: 1517 metres) was blessed in 2010. Part of the St. Kunigunde parish, it is one of the few examples of companies investing into sacral objects. It was built according to the design of architect Vera Klepej Turnšek on a property donated by the Pikl family. After more than ten years, the plans to build a church at Rogla had finally been realized and the...
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Church of St. John the Baptist

The initial church reaches as far back as the early Gothic or perhaps even the 12th century. The oldest written record is from 1487. In 1731, the chapel of the Mother of God was added to the old church in Čadram. In 1762, the Čadram Parish was founded. The church was brought down in 1937, because it was in a poor state. With the money from selling the material of the old church, an 8m long...
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Church of St. Nicholas

It is considered a precious monument of our cultural heritage. Its origin dates back to the first half of the 14th century. Its interior design deserves special attention, especially the fresco of the Three Wise Men and the wooden pulpit. A painting of Oljska Gora from 1495 is also well known. It is one of the most important preserved paintings from the early Gothic period. Up to the...
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Church of the Mother of God at Hriberca

This medieval church has been compressed into the valley and the Church of the Mother of God, which is also called “the summer church”, was established on the not yet built-up hill above the market town (at HRIBERCA), which controls all the valley and to this day reveals itself as a crown above a wide wreath of market and village houses at the bottom of the hill. It was built in...
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Church of the Visitation of Mary

The church of the Visitation of Mary in Špitalič is early Gothic in origin, a so called “Ecclesia minor” (lower house – church of laic brothers) of Charterhouse Žiče that is located up from the Valley of St. John the Baptist. It was built in 1190 for the needs of laic brothers from the Charterhouse Žiče Monastery. Its initial design is Romanesque, but today’s...
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The pilgrim Church of the Holy Mother of God is located at an altitude of 630 metres and is the youngest of the three nearby churches (at Brinjeva gora, Golika and Brezje), but is the most famous of the three. It used to be called "little Višarje" and it had attracted numerous pilgrims until World War II. The construction of the church began in 1769 with the presbytery, and...
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Parish Church of St. George in Slovenske Konjice

The Konjice Parish is first mentioned in 1146 in a document by Peregrin, the Patriarch of Aquileia. The first church in Konjice was definitely built before 1146 and today’s church of St. George is its successor. The main altar is dedicated to the church’s patron St. George. Once there were also twelve side altars, but today there is the main altar and five side altars:...
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Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

The most exquisite cultural monument in the Vitanje area is most definitely the church of St. Peter and St. Paul, which is also called “the winter church”, because it performs regular worship services from All Saints’ Day to Easter. Written sources mention the church as the seat of the parish in 1296, but the initial church was built around 250 years before that. The basis...
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Pilgrim Church of St. Mary Mother of God at Prihova

It was built at the middle of the 15th century. Construction of this extremely beautiful building was encouraged by a cherry tree blossoming on Christmas, which was seen by the people as God’s hint to erect a church here. First, a shrine was built at this location, then a church in 1464 – today’s church nave. From 1562 to 1564, a bell tower was added, at the beginning of...
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The church is perched atop Golika, a windy hill rising 608 metres high. It is famous for its high church tower, which is visible from far away. Its construction started in 1723, when the Zreče parish had not yet been independent, so the Carthusian monks from Žiče controlled the construction. The church is dedicated to Saint Agnes, Saint Sebastian and Pope Fabian. The traditional Christmas...
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The St. Giles Parish Church in Zreče is situated at an altitude of 397 metres. Its first written accounts date back to 1375, even though it was built as early as the 11th century, in a period when St. Giles was most revered. The church is essentially Roman, but Gothic elements, late-Gothic elements and four Baroque altars were added after it had been built. The main of these four altars...
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