Slovenske Konjice

At sunrise, the majestic Pohorje reveals itself and along the Dravinja River, the gates open to Slovenske Konjice, a 1000-year-old market town. This peaceful rural town is the centre of the Dravinja Valley, which spreads its carefully cultivated fields and wine-bearing hills towards Boč, Ptujska Gora, the Haloze hills and onto the open spaces of Dravsko polje.

A roman road used to pass through the old town centre of Slovenske Konjice and according to one legend, Konjice got its name from those early days, after a resting spot for carriages.

The roots of the past mark the lives of people in the town and in villages nearby. The history of the more than 860 year old Konjice square beneath the cerkvijo Sv. Jurija gives the town its soul. A rich tradition of past is full of experiences; there are stories of god and bad times, there remains a rich cultural and natural heritage given by generations of people that lived and worked here. The town offers many attractions that can be discovered at various occasions.

The most beautiful experiences are offered on walks through Stari in Mestni trg. The old town square that lies under the shelter of the St. Jurij Church maintains its design from the times of its first mentioning in written sources. On a walk through the old town square, one can feel the gentle breeze of the past. A small stream called Gospodična (Miss) gives the town a special magnificence. Sometimes the stream is called Zmajeva slina (Dragon's slobber) according to the legend which states that the stream is the slobber of a horrible dragon captured inside Konjiška Mountain.

A visit to the Mestne galerije Riemer slows down your step and offers an experience of the masters of the brush. The wooden bridge over the Gospodična Stream leads you to a different kind of art. The poetry of vintage wines is offered to be tasted in the town wine shop. The excellent quality of wines from the Konjice area is becoming a tradition, and a walk between sunny vineyard hills is a dessert for nature lovers.

Walks under Slovenske Konjice Mountain offer a beautiful experience of nature and are a way of forgetting the troubles of everyday life. In the parks over dvorcem Trebnik, when your vagrancy through the town square is complete, one can again feel the spirit of past. The herb gardens of the mansion along with the treasury of herb products offer assistance in dealing with the wild tempo of modern life. The mansion manager recommends an escape to nature. The pleasantly meandering Dragon's forest trail, a short trip to the Old Castle, a slightly longer trip to a place with a fine view called Skala or even to the top of the Slovenske Konjice Mountain called Stolpnik, with its outlook tower, or a trip to the hunting lodge called Štepih. All are good for your body and for refreshing your thoughts.

Shorter trips into the surroundings of the town offer new and special experiences. Each of the surrounding villages offers its own features and traditions from the past. The Village of Žiče is becoming interesting for tourists, mostly because of its old crafts like basket making, smithery and flour milling. Behind the village begins the Valley of Saint John the Baptist with the famous Žičko kartuzijo from around 1160. The monks that lived there left a special seal upon the happenings in the Slovenske Konjice area. Their order and their humble but spiritually full life is still inspiring today. Between the mighty walls from the Middle Ages, one can hear the silence and feel the peace. The experience of a grand memory from our past is complemented by Iršič herbalists, the offers of the oldest Slovenian guest house from 1467, the sparkling wine cellar of Zlati grič and a rich cultural beat that revitalises the Carthusian monastery. A trip through Loče, past the sport airport of Senožet and into the tourist village of Mlače is a speciality. It is an example of people who promote their village through their will, cooperation and offers like the House of heritage, horse sports, fishponds and many tourist farms.

Every meeting with the town of flowers and wine and with the people that live here gives you a new experience. "You must love someone", wrote Ivan Minatti, a poet born in Slovenske Konjice. People from Slovenske Konjice love their town and villages. They appreciate images of kindness, hugs from the beauty that surrounds them and pleasant visitors that can share in the happiness of life in the Dravinja Valley with them.

Slovenske Konjice

Stolpnik - Štepih

Vinska klet Zlati griči

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