Top Sports

Rogla and Zreče have very favourable conditions for top athletes. Our destination has been visited by numerous European and world champions as well as Olympic gold medallists. We offer very beneficial conditions for both training and resting.

Sports Hall

The large sports hall on Rogla offers opportunities for playing basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis and badminton to top sportsmen and experts. The small hall for martial arts, squash, table tennis and the modern, well- equipped fitness centre complete the sports offer.

Outdoor sports

The football stadium with an athletic track, the handball court, the indoor football stadium with artificial grass, the basketball court, the sand tennis courts and the Russian bowling alley are all intended for open-air sports.

Hypoxic Chamber for Training and Residence

Rooms located in the Sports Centre Rogla are equipped with devices modifying the air pressure and thus the content of oxygen in the air. By means of computer control, various altitudes can be simulated and thus also the oxygen concentration. With training and accommodation in these high-altitude rooms, the number of erythrocytes (red cells) in the blood is increased and thus the transmittance of oxygen to the muscles is improved. The results of the exercise and accommodation in these rooms can be seen after using them successively for several days.

Rehabilitation and Diagnostics

We also enable the superior rehabilitation of athletes with an experienced team of experts in the field of orthopaedics, internal medicine and physiotherapy. The most modern equipment allows us to perform rehabilitation procedures such as isokinetics, magnetic resonance, ultrasound diagnostics and analysis of the composition of body tissues even for the most demanding athletes.

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