Wellness and health

Wellness and health

Acratothermal Medicinal Water

The indications of the Terme Zreče Spa are based on four natural factors: the healing mountain climate, acratothermal healing water, peat therapy and fango wraps, which are supplemented through various rehabilitation procedures. Specialty areas of the spa are: Post-surgery state of movable parts, Injuries to movable parts, Degenerative and inflammation...
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House of Wellbeing at the Urška Tourist Farm

The fact that a quality life requires vital strength and energy is also understood at the Urška Tourist Farm. They answered the question of “Where to look for peace in this crazy world?” with steam and Turkish saunas, massage showers, a bubble-pool, a hay bath and a room for resting – the House of Wellbeing. At 100 square metres, guests also have a spot at their...
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Land of Wellbeing on Rogla

In the land of wellbeing, you can choose among the Finnish, carbon and infrared saunas as well as the swimming and massage pools. Relaxation on warm hay beds presents a unique experience. The varied selection of massages and baths, distinguished mainly by the herbs and aromatic plants that can be found on Pohorje, will spoil your body and strengthen your soul. You will experience a romantic...
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Natural Climatic Health Resort

Rogla has been an acclaimed climatic health resort since 1996. The soothing effects of the climate at the altitude of 1,517 metres, in sunny locations sheltered from the wind, are suitable for everyone experiencing difficulty with pulmonary diseases or obstructions. Air enriched with oxygen and the beneficial climate have a beneficial effect on respiratory diseases, allergies, eye and skin...
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Peat of Pohorje

The peat of Pohorje is a natural source of health and well-being. This unique natural medicine is distinguished by its ecological pureness and efficiency in the treatment and soothing of rheumatism and other diseases. The age of the peat of Pohorje is estimated to be 10,000 years. Its medicinal effect has a beneficial effect on the diseases of the locomotor system as well as on...
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In the scope of kinesiotherapy, we also carry out Cyriax therapy, Trigger Points therapy, Medio Taping therapy and McKanzy therapy, which we complete with other techniques in physiotherapy, as well as electrotherapy, mechanotherapy and hydrotherapy. We also carry out therapeutic body massages and therapeutic lymph system drainage. Rehabilitation is completed with baths and hot compresses.
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Sauna Village at Terme Zreče

Experience the warm embrace of familiarity in the original Sauna Village. Pamper your body and strengthen your health while visiting the five Finnish saunas (with crystal and colour therapy), two steam saunas where you can enjoy the scent of the herbs of Pohorje or choose one of two infrared saunas. Later you can relax on the heated ceramic beds or on the hay-rack. Experience the cosiness...
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Sawaddee, the Traditional Thai Therapy Centre

The Sawadde centre offers a rich variety of Thai massages and invites you to experience relaxation and well-being. In a pleasant Oriental atmosphere and with various types of massages, we can rectify back pain, migraine headaches, joint pain, general fatigue and improve the vitality of the entire body using traditional Thai therapy. The basic purpose of traditional Thai massages is to...
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