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At an altitude of 1,517 metres, the world is white like a fairytale. Especially on winter days, when the plains rest under a thick fluffy blanket of snow and the mighty spruces of Pohorje are bending under their carpet of snow.

Excellently prepared ski slopes and ski-run tracks are where the best Slovenian ski-runner, Petra Majdič, is preparing to provide many sport enjoyments for skiers and ski-runners. Rogla offers ski pleasures from late fall to early spring. At least 100 skiing days are ensured for skiers on carefully organised ski slopes, because all ski slopes are equipped with devices for the production of artificial snow. The family-friendly centre also offers pleasures for small children. Some enjoy their first turns in the snow sports school, while others have fun in the kindergarten on snow. Those who have plenty of energy and adrenaline get around well at the hurdles in the Fun Park Rogla, on a polygon for free-style snowboarders and skiers, located along the left side of the ski slope Mašin Žaga.

The Fun Park Rogla consists of a “half pipe” in the upper part and fifteen “slope-style elements” where free-style snowboarders and skiers perform their own elements in the middle and even the lower part. Some ski jumps made from the natural contours of the ground, referred to as “kickers”, are in the lower part and two “big air” ski jumps are placed directly before the finish line.

The increasing popularity of cross-country skiing is also reflected in the new ski-run polygon that is intended for recreational ski-runners, the numerous pupils who get to know ski-running in the school in nature and top ski-runners. Tracks for recreational and competitive ski-running and a start-finish arena are organised within the framework of the Ski Centre Rogla. With the renewal and completion of the system of existing ski-run tracks, the conditions for the realisation of the most demanding international competitions are fulfilled. In the 2009/2010 season, Rogla hosted the competition for the World Cup of Cross-country for the first time.

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